Free Librarieswpbricks CDN Integration

WPBricks is a customizable Multipurpose Gutenberg compatible WordPress theme that lets you easily create a website the way you want. If you are a non-techy person, you can easily modify the theme and design using Gutenberg Blocks, WPBricks theme is suitable for a blog, personal portfolio, business website, and WooCommerce storefront. t is very lightweight and offers very good speed. WPBricks theme is SEO friendly theme. Start building amazing websites with the new WordPress editor today! It comes with widget templates, customizable header/footer with various theme options in the customizer, and many more to cover all the essential features you need to build a stunning website.(Multipurpose Solution / Gutenberg / Responsive / Extra Customization Options) It supports the most popular plugins like Jetpack, Yoast SEO, contact form 7, WPBricks Manager Blocks. You can change color and the font of each and every text, link in the theme customizer. WPBricks manager is a collection of Ready-to-use Gutenberg blocks containing multiple elements which makes it easy for you to create better and awesome content. This theme includes some readymade demos Block, template and theme. A template like SEO Marketing, Yoga, Real Estate, Restaurant, Design Agency, Resume, Consulting, etc. You can easily import and export the JSON block files to build inner pages. Our dedicated team will help you in setting up websites. [ more... ]

Manual Integration

Documentation and usage details may be available on project page. This project is licensed under GPLv2 License .

To manually use CDN Links from this project, just goto the CDN Files page and click the icon to copy code for using on your website. For most important files, it will copy script and style tags that already include SRI hash so that you can securely embed code in your HTML documents.

Wordpress plugin

This project on PageCDN is also available on our free CDN plugin. Once you install the plugin, it automatically detects files available on PageCDN and links to them. There is no manual configuration required.

API Integration

This project is available on our Public CDN API. Further integration details are available in docs.

File Search

You can also lookup files of this repo using sha-256 hash. For example, you can use /lookup CDN endpoint that returns a JSON response containing URL of the public file you searched for. This endpoint searches for matching files on the entire public CDN, including WordPress themes and Plugins, and public libraries but excluding 'Easy Fonts'.

    "status": "200",
    "message": "Ok",
    "details": "Success",
    "response": {
        "file_url": "https:\/\/\/lib\/jquery\/3.4.1\/jquery.min.js"

For best performance, this response is cached at our edge servers. However, you are recommended to create a local copy of this response to avoid latency.

Combining files

This feature is currently in pipeline, and is expected to be released soon.

On-the-fly image optimization

On-the-fly image optimization is now enabled on all repos on PageCDN by default. With this feature, you can optimize and resize images by just tweaking the URLs. Only PNG and JPG file types are supported. Here is how it works:

 Original Image:               marco.png
Optimize:                     marco._o.png
Optimize and resize:          marco._o_300w.png            (resize and maintain aspect ratio)
Optimize and resize:          marco._o_300w_100h.png       (resize and crop if required)
Optimize, resize and convert: marco._o_300w_100h_webp.png  (resize, optimize and convert to webp) 

On-the-fly minification

On-the-fly minification is now enabled on all repos on PageCDN by default. With this feature, you can minify any CSS or JS file on the fly by just tweaking the URLs even when the minified file is not already available on the CDN. Here is how it works:

 Original Script:     custom.js
Minified Script:     custom.min.js  (auto-generated if your site requests for it, not otherwise)