Aamla Wordpress Theme CDN

Aamla is a feature rich, Gutenberg friendly, lightweight and mobile first WordPress theme that is flexible and easy to use. It is built with special focus on blog, business and e-commerce websites. Aamla helps you to build your pages even without pagebuilders and make your audios and videos stand out. It is compatible with gutenberg, woocommerce and many other plugins. Aamla is written with clean code and the most current HTML5 conventions. Aamla can be used as a solid base to build beautiful and functional websites. [ more... ]


PageCDN allows you to extremely optimize content and delivery based on different needs. Below is the list of all optimizations applied to or available for this repo. This list will help you get better control over your PageCDN repos.


Compression Level: Extreme

PageCDN compresses resources using brotli (quality-11) at 'Extreme' compression level. For a general understanding of the size difference, see this comparison of file sizes produced by different CDNs.


Always Enabled


Enabled (HSTS Preloaded)

Resources delivered over different protocols are considered different. Browsers do not reuse cached copy of resources delivered over HTTP for the HTTPS requests, and vise versa. Making everything HTTPS not only increases security, but also improves cache hit ratio.

Disable Cookies

Always Disabled

Ignore Querystring

Always Ignored

HTTP/2 Server Push

Not Configured

Browser Cache

Never Expires

Edge Cache

Never Expires

Origin Shield

Always Enabled

Image Optimization

URL based image optimization is always available.


URL based CSS and JS minification is always available.

Cache Busters

URL based cache busting is turned ON for this repo through version tags.