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Aamla is a feature rich, Gutenberg friendly, lightweight and mobile first WordPress theme that is flexible and easy to use. It is built with special focus on blog, business and e-commerce websites. Aamla helps you to build your pages even without pagebuilders and make your audios and videos stand out. It is compatible with gutenberg, woocommerce and many other plugins. Aamla is written with clean code and the most current HTML5 conventions. Aamla can be used as a solid base to build beautiful and functional websites. [ more... ]

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PageCDN is a Private CDN that also serves Public Content for free. This mixed approach, combined with the below features, optimizes the content delivery to the extremes that was never possible before.

Immutable Caching →
Brotli 11 Compression →
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Quick Integration

While using our Public CDN is as easy as just copying a URL and using it in your code, PageCDN offers several ways to integrate its Public CDN with your website and to serve your private content through CDN.

Setup a Website →
WordPress Plugin →
Public CDN File Search →
API Documentation →

Get Involved

If you are a web developer or opensource contributor, there is more you can do with PageCDN.

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