Open Source CDNOpen-source Libraries and File Sizes

Files on PageCDN are upto 27% smaller due to better compression. The below table compares sizes of some popular libraries on PageCDN and other CDNs after compression. These libraries are available for free on Open Source CDN.

LibraryRawMinifiedCommon Size[1][3]PageCDN Size[2][3]
jQuery273.79 KB86.08 KB30.31 KB27.65 KB Details
Bootstrap187.84 KB152.11 KB24.20 KB17.30 KB Details
Font Awesome1,166.90 KB1,104.04 KB422.56 KB331.12 KB Details
D3.js494.64 KB236.82 KB74.51 KB65.75 KB Details
Ant Design5,746.78 KB1,938.99 KB438.24 KB362.82 KB Details
Semantic UI809.47 KB613.78 KB91.93 KB78.25 KB Details
React DOM773.49 KB105.47 KB33.33 KB30.28 KB Details
three.js1,129.42 KB562.75 KB134.01 KB114.44 KB Details
Bulma220.01 KB186.13 KB23.40 KB19.30 KB Details
Vue.js333.46 KB91.48 KB33.17 KB30.58 KB Details

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  1. PageCDN uses Brotli:11 compression for Open Source CDN and premium CDN.
  2. "Common Size" is the average size of compressed files served from different Open Source CDNs at the time these tests were performed. List of CDNs for each library is available in details.
  3. Columns reflect 'total transfer sizes' including HTTP headers. The actual library size after compression is even smaller.