Open source Libraries and File Sizes

This list compares sizes of development and production version of libraries with and without compression. The compression schemes used for comparison are:

  1. Brotli-11 - The best in class for compressing resources over HTTP. The data is taken from PageCDN's implementation of brotli compression for respective libraries. PageCDN applies different compression level for different types of assets. For public resources, brotli-11 compression is used.
  2. Common Compression - This data is collected while these libraries are served from different open source CDNs including Google Hosted Libraries, Microsoft Ajax CDN, CDNJS, jsDelivr, unpkg and some branded CDNs provided by libraries.

Below are the most commonly used open source libraries and their file sizes. All these libraries are available on the PageCDN's Public CDN.

LibraryRawMinifiedCompressed Other CDNsCompressed PageCDN
jQuery273.79 KB86.08 KB30.60 KB27.65 KBDetails
Bootstrap187.84 KB152.11 KB35.11 KB17.31 KBDetails
D3.js494.64 KB236.82 KB78.12 KB65.77 KBDetails
Ant Design5,746.78 KB1,938.99 KB452.36 KB362.83 KBDetails
Semantic UI809.47 KB613.78 KB92.01 KB78.27 KBDetails
Font Awesome1166.90 KB1104.04 KB459.39 KB331.12 KBDetails
React DOM773.49 KB105.47 KB33.38 KB30.28 KBDetails
three.js1129.42 KB562.75 KB141.08 KB114.44 KBDetails
Bulma220.01 KB186.13 KB25.21 KB19.30 KBDetails
Vue.js333.46 KB91.48 KB33.30 KB30.58 KBDetails

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