This documentation and answers will help you get started and master the way you use PageCDN for better content delivery.

List public repos and versions


With this endpoint, you can:

  • Fetch list of all repos on the Public CDN. This will include open-source libraries, public WordPress themes, public WordPress plugins, but excludes Easy Fonts. This will provide some additional details like human readable project name, and list of versions.
  • Fetch details of a specific repo.
By default, this endpoint returns versions list and other details of all 14000+ repos. If you use the endpoint without any filtering, you may soon run out of memory in your script. You are recommended to filter details by a specific repo to avoid any trouble.

PageCDN maintains just production releases, and skips all releases that have trunk, rc, beta, alpha, dev, pre, canary or similar keywords that indicate a non-production release. Releases containing invalid characters are also skipped.

Query String Parameters

apikeystringrequiredThe api key to identify originator of the request.
repostringoptionalSpecify the repo to list all its versions and other details, as lib/jquery.

Successful Response

    "status": "200",
    "message": "Ok",
    "details": "Success",
    "response": {
        "count": 14109,
        "repos": [
                "repo": "lib/normalize",
                "repo_name": "Normalize.css",
                "versions": [
                "repo": "lib/impress",
                "repo_name": "Impress.js",
                "versions": [

Sample Requests

List all repos 

Lookup details of a specific repo