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Create a repo


Form Data Parameters

apikeystringrequiredThe api key to identify originator of the request.
privacystringrequiredPrivacy of the repo as private or shared.
originstringrequiredSpecify the origin of the content as website or github. In case you want to upload your content manually or through API, specify manual as origin.
repo_namestringoptionalHuman readable repo name. Defaults to repo slug.
origin_urlstringoptionalYour website URL. In case you specified github as origin, then this needs to be github repo URL. This field is not required for manual uploads.
cache_busterbooleanoptionalSpecify 1 to enable in-URL cache buster, 0 to disable this feature.
update_css_pathsbooleanoptionalServing files through PageCDN requires change in URLs of resources. If this breaks paths of resources linked from inside CSS files, turn path correction feature on by specifying 1.
import_dirstringoptionalFor github only. If you optionally want to import resources from a specific directory only, you can specify directory path. For example: dist or dist/assets.
keywordsstringoptionalComma separated keywords.

Successful Response

    "status": "200",
    "message": "Ok",
    "details": "Success",
    "response": {
        "repo": "repo/58a057e3596a259721d1",
        "repo_name": "58a057e3596a259721d1",
        "cdn_base": ""