This documentation and answers will help you get started and master the way you use PageCDN for better content delivery.

Frequantly Asked Questions

What is a repo?

A repo on PageCDN, just like a zone on any other CDN, is a storage of files that belong to a single origin. An origin can be a push storage (uploads bucket), a website, a github repo, or another CDN.

The word project is also used interchangeably on PageCDN for the word repo.

PageCDN uses a single host to serve files from all of your repos. One basic use of a repo is to pull content from a website and serve to visitors. But more advanced users can collect content from multiple origins, even from separate directories from the same host, maintain separate repos for each of the origin, apply different optimizations and configuration to every repo, and serve over a single CDN host without incurring extra DNS cost, and gain full benefits of advanced optimizations and HTTP/2 multiplexing.

How to use CDN files of WordPress Themes and Plugins from PageCDN?

WordPress Themes and plugins are available on PageCDN's Public CDN for free. Please see list of available themes and plugins.

To use WordPress Themes and Plugins from PageCDN, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the theme you are using on your website is already available on PageCDN. If not, please choose an already available theme.
  • Install and activate PageCDN WordPress Plugin.
  • The plugin comes pre-configured to detect all opensource theme and library files on your site and load them from CDN.
  • You can configure it by visiting plugin settings page in WordPress Admin.
  • You can further speedup content delivery by activating Premium CDN after creating an account.