Why PageCDN? What problem does it solve?

1. Introduction
2. The Problem: Incidental Domain Sharding
3. How PageCDN solves this problem?
4. How it Works

PageCDN accelerates 3 different types of Content: Public (Opensource), Private and Shared, through a single host (pagecdn.io). With this approach, PageCDN has the potential to provide far superior performance than any other Public+Private CDN combo.

We have designed PageCDN from ground up in an innovative way to remove bottlenecks in the performance of modern websites.

The Problem: Incidental Domain Sharding

Domain Sharding was once a very common approach to parallize the resource delivery and bypassing browser's connection limit per host. With HTTP/2, transfers can be parallized over single connection, but now we have moved on to using resources from multiple hosts like Google Fonts, Public CDNs (CDNJS), Library CDNs (jQuery CDN), Private CDNs, Widget Providers, etc.

  1. If you load resources from multiple hosts (CDNs), you loose the benefits of parallization that HTTP/2 offers.
  2. If you collect all the resources on a single host accelerated by a Private CDN, you can no longer share browser cache with other sites.

How PageCDN solves this problem?

PageCDN solves this problem by facilitating fonts, opensource libraries and themes; commercial libraries, widgets and themes; and your private files over a single CDN, and where possible, avails the caches already created for the Public/Shared resources when they were delivered to your users while they were visiting other websites.

Not only this, you can further accelerate things with easy Server Push Setup, Brotli Compression upto the highest Level, Immutable Caching, etc. combined with other benefits that come with a CDN.

How it Works

While strictly maintaining privacy of your private files, PageCDN simplifies things a lot to help you mix them with public files on your websites for optimal performance. If your website fetches resources from different origins, PageCDN provides you ways to combine them over a single host. If relative links in your CSS break, PageCDN can fix them on the fly. You don't know the technical stuff? No problem, you get an interface that lets you easily set the caching, compression and server push for your resources. And much more...

All you have to do is:

  1. Choose files from Opensource Libraries available here.
  2. Choose your commercial or free theme's files from relevant repository on PageCDN (contact your theme provider for more info).
  3. Create your own repos and manually upload resources, or connect to your website or github.
  4. Use the above resources on your site.

Try PageCDN now. We offer a full 30 days money back guarantee. If you have questions, please let us know.

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