Get some extra revenue. Resell PageCDN!

We offer discounts to CMSs, website builders, templates, plugins, themes and other projects that want to integrate PageCDN with their product or service, so that they take care of the billing and PageCDN takes care of the content delivery.

Resellers accounts allow 2x the number of websites compared to normal plans. So you can accomodate more of your client's content within the same budget.

You can resell PageCDN by directly selling CDN to your clients. You can also offer products with integrated CDN. Here is how the product integration and reselling usually works (example: WordPress Theme). You may have slightly different use case.

  1. You choose a WordPress Theme to offer integrated CDN.
  2. The theme can be free, premium, or free with option for upgrade.
  3. You create a single repo (read zone) on PageCDN for static contents of the theme. For example, if the theme static files are hosted on Github, you can setup PageCDN to pull all past and future releases of the theme from theme's private or public github repo.
  4. You create separate repo for each user website via API.
  5. PageCDN will serve theme's static files from the single theme repo, and each user's other files are served from the respective repo of the user.
  6. Theme may offer CDN as a free feature, or it may be a feature that is separately paid for. Theme may also offer CDN only if the user upgrades to pro plan.
  7. You use your own infrastructure to collect payments (if any) from users. For example, in theme admin panel, user may opt to pay you for accelerated content delivery.
  8. You may opt NOT to accelerate user content, and just focus on fast delivery of theme's static contents.
  9. You keeps all the collections (if any), and pay PageCDN the subscription fee of your selected plan.

If you are interested in reselling CDN to your clients or to your product userbase, please send us more details and we will happily accomodate you.

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