Get some extra revenue. Resell PageCDN!

PageCDN offers discount to CMSs, website builders, templates, plugins, themes and other projects that offer PageCDN's integrated CDN services to their users. PageCDN takes care of the content delivery.

Resellers accounts allow 2x the number of websites compared to normal plans. So you can accomodate more of your client's content within the same budget.

You can resell PageCDN by directly selling CDN services to your clients. You can also offer products with integrated CDN. Here is how the product integration and reselling usually works. You may have slightly different use case.

  1. Reseller identifies a product that it wants to offer with integrated CDN services. The product can be free, paid, or free product with option for upgrade.
  2. Reseller creates a public or private repo on PageCDN for static contents of its product.
  3. The product may provide CDN as an inherent feature, or it may be a feature that is separately paid for. Product may also offer CDN with only product upgrade.
  4. Reseller uses its own infrastructure to collect payments, if any, from user of its product. For example, in case the product is a WordPress Theme, this usually works through the Theme Admin Panel where users opts to pay to the theme vendor for accelerated content delivery, or the feature may be enabled by default for all theme users, or in case of free themes, the CDN feature may be made available to users among many other pro features that come with an optional theme upgrade.
  5. The product specific static content is served through the public or private repo created on PageCDN by the reseller for that purpose. The user content is served through a separate private repo created by the reseller in its PageCDN account. In case of our previous wordpress example, the theme's static content are delivered from a central repository created for static content of that theme, and rest of the user's files are served through a separate repository created by the reseller at PageCDN through API.
  6. Reseller may opt to not accelerate user content, and just focus on fast delivery of theme's static contents.
  7. Reseller keeps all the collections, and pays PageCDN the monthly bill.

If you are interested in reselling CDN to your clients or to your product userbase, please send us more details and we will happily accomodate you.

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