Free CDN for Lifetime

PageCDN offers free CDN account worth $100 per month for Freelancers and Bloggers. Free CDN is also available for Opensource or Non-Profit websites separately.


If you work on freelancing websites (like Fiverr) or have your own clientage, you have to refer 5 or more paid signups every month to PageCDN using your referal key.

If you believe you can generate more than 5 leads a month, we can offer you higher value plan or other rewards. Please explain your case below.

Bloggers / Influencers

If you write a blog or have a wide audience, all you have to do is write once or twice a month about PageCDN. You can write about Premium CDN, Javascript CDN or Easy Fonts.

If you believe you audience is worth more than our offer, we will be happy to provide you higher value account or other rewards. Please explain below about your audience size.

You can apply for it below.

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