Speed optimization done right.

PageCDN makes it much easier for non-tech business owners to apply advanced performance optimizations to their websites the correct way and get upto 10x speedup without any technical knowledge.

Pricing WordPress

Best in class Optimizations

PageCDN optimizes every step in the delivery process, starting from the request till the delivery of the file.

Immutable Caching

Cache your content permanently in browsers for the best possible performance, without sacrificing any control over updates and revisions.

Extreme Compression

Compressed files can be transmitted very fast due to their small size. Brotli at level-11 works very hard to reduce the size even further for best results.

Cache Reuse Across Sites

With PageCDN, your visitors can see your site fast if some of the resources needed for your site were already cached in browser by other sites.

Easy HTTP/2 Server Push

HTTP/2 Server Push can considerably speed up your site loading. PageCDN provides easy to use interface for pushing your assets with HTTP/2.

On-the-fly Image Optimization

With on-the-fly image optimization and CSS and JS minification, PageCDN can help reduce your deliverable content size by a big margin.

Multiplex Everything

When websites mix different free & premium CDNs, they loose the benefits of HTTP/2. PageCDN offers better approach for content delivery.

Public, Shared & Private CDN

PageCDN helps classify private, commercial shared and public content so that it can be optimized and delivered the way it should be.

Your content on PageCDN is as private or shared as you want it to be. You can connect to your website, or Github repo, or can create a storage bucket to upload your content and use with your website, or you can setup repos to share the content with others.

Shared CDN allows content creators (theme developers, etc) to offer integrated CDN with their product or service and without worrying about the content delivery part.

Public CDN is for everyone. It hosts a collection of top WordPress and HTML5 themes, plugins, libraries and fonts for free so that you can experience PageCDN before even signing up for the paid plan.

  • jQuery CDN
  • Font Awesome CDN
  • Angular.js CDN
  • Ionicons CDN
  • Ant Design CDN
  • Easy Fonts CDN
  • Bootstrap CDN
  • Raphael CDN
  • React CDN
  • Subtle Patterns CDN
  • Semantic UI CDN
  • Amaze UI CDN
  • Backbone.js CDN
  • UI Kit CDN
  • Zepto CDN

We welcome Every CMS and Library

Its not always open-source. PageCDN hosts and speeds up many small and large commercial CMSs, templates and libraries too.

Bootstrap CDN
Bootstrap Themes & Plugins

PageCDN hosts almost all popular bootstrap opensource plugins, and free and commercial templates.

Bootstrap CDN →

jQuery CDN
jQuery Plugins

jQuery is used by a plenty of javascript libraries and plugins, and PageCDN hosts most of them.

jQuery CDN →

Wordpress CDN
WordPress Themes

People love WordPress and so do we and host thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins.

Wordpress CDN →

Templates & User Interfaces

PageCDN collection contains hundreds of open-source templates and UI kits developed by community.


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