Introducing PageCDN

Private CDN with Public Content

Using many CDNs hurts performance due to unavailed HTTP/2 multiplexing. PageCDN solves this by combining all the content — leveraged by cache re-use, brotli-11, Server Push and more.

Why PageCDN & How it Works?

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We welcome Every CMS and Library

Its not always Opensource. PageCDN hosts and speeds up many small and large commercial CMSs, templates and libraries too.

Bootstrap Themes & Plugins

PageCDN hosts almost all popular bootstrap opensource plugins, and free and commercial templates.

Bootstrap CDN →

jQuery Plugins

jQuery is used by a plenty of javascript libraries and plugins, and PageCDN hosts most of them.

jQuery CDN →

Wordpress Themes & Plugins

Wordpress is the most popular CMS. PageCDN library hosts many free and commercial Wordpress projects.

Wordpress CDN →

Templates & User Interfaces

PageCDN collection contains hundreds of opensource and commercial HTML5 templates.


State of the Art Features

Each of the features provided by PageCDN in itself can improve website performance by a big margin.

Immutable HTTP Caching

Now cache your content in browsers very aggressively for the best possible performance, without sacrificing any control over updates and revisions.

Immutable HTTP Caching

Brotli (11) Highest Compression

Compressed files can be transmitted very fast due to their small size. Brotli at level-11 works very hard to reduce the size even further for best results.

Brotli (11) Highest Compression

Cache Reuse Across Sites

With PageCDN, your visitors can see your site fast if some of the resources needed for your site were already cached in browser by other sites.

Cache Reuse Across Sites

Easy HTTP/2 Server Push

HTTP/2 Server Push can considerably speed up your site loading. PageCDN provides easy to use interface for pushing your assets with HTTP/2.

Easy HTTP/2 Server Push

HTTPS Always - Secure & Performant

HTTPS not only transmits files securely, it also enables HTTP/2 performance and reduces cache misses compared to other opensource CDNs.

HTTPS Always - Secure & Performant

Single Connection for Everything

When websites mix Opensource & commercial CDNs, they loose the benefits of HTTP/2. PageCDN offers better approach for content delivery.

Single Connection for Everything

Suggest an Opensource Project

Your suggestions help us grow our free Public CDN.

Suggest a new Library

(To reduce the risk of malware, all suggestions are manually handled and must pass our criteria.)