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10x faster in no time.

PageCDN speeds up websites on-the-fly. With seamless state-of-the-art optimizations and simplified integration, it reduces complexity and requires minimal technical knowledge.

Easy Signup

It takes just a few minutes and unlocks the entire CDN and full feature-set.

Quick Setup

Choose an integration tool and quickly connect using API Key.

Easy Configuration

Sensible defaults help tune performance in just a few seconds.

10x Speedup

With our innovative technology, users see upto 10x faster websites.

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Premium CDN

Manually upload files, or pull from GitHub or a website, premium CDN speeds up delivery of files and unlocks the benefits of host consolidation. This yields termendous speed when combined with the best-in-class optimization techniques.

  • 27% better compression with Brotli:11
  • 20-65% smaller images with cloud optimizer
  • Host consolidation for better mobile experience
  • Globally distributed Edge Network of Servers
  • HTTP/2 Server Push
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Open source CDN

Free CDN with thousands of libraries, themes and plugins. Open source CDN enables cache sharing across websites and leverages browser and edge cache hit ratio. Our tools enable seamless switching between Premium and Open source CDNs.

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Best in class Optimizations

PageCDN optimizes every step in the content delivery process,
starting from the request till the delivery of the file.

Immutable Caching
Immutable Caching

Cache your content permanently in browsers for the best possible performance, without sacrificing any control over updates and revisions.

Extreme Compression
Extreme Compression

Compressed files can be transmitted very fast due to their small size. Brotli at level-11 works very hard to reduce the size even further for best results.

Cache Reuse
3rd Party Cache Reuse

With PageCDN, your visitors can see your site fast if some of the resources needed for your site were already cached in browser by other sites.

Easy HTTP/2 Server Push
Easy HTTP/2 Server Push

HTTP/2 Server Push can considerably speed up your site loading. PageCDN provides easy to use interface for pushing your assets with HTTP/2.

URL Based Image Optimization & Resizing
On-the-fly Image Optimization

With on-the-fly image optimization and CSS and JS minification, PageCDN can help reduce your deliverable content size by a big margin.

Host Consolidation
Multiplex Everything

When websites mix different free & premium CDNs, they loose the benefits of HTTP/2. PageCDN offers better approach for content delivery.

Smaller Files, Faster Delivery, Better Caching

PageCDN applies the best combination of 'Content', 'Delivery' and 'Cache'
optimizations to speedup websites beyond convention.

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